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About CMTaskware.com

CM Taskware

CMTaskware.com is a new social networking site for Configuration Managers and professionals in related fields.

In the coming months we will launch a new resource for Configuration Management and Data Management professionals at CMTaskware.com. The site is intended to be a one stop portal for people working in many fields. Everyone is welcome, it doesn’t matter what training, association, or certification you have. Please be patient, it is taking a considerable amount of effort to develop, but it should be worth the wait.

Networking & Blog

Professional development is built upon a support network. Join CMTaskware and get started.

Gear Shop

Pre-tailored templates for every environment. Get help from SMEs with decades of experience.

Zip tools

Work smarter, let zip tools do the heavy lifting. Coming soon!

Expert help

Need mentoring and advice from a SME? This is the place.

Partners & Tools

Looking for the right tool just became a lot easier with CMTaskware partners and tool listing.

Job board

Need a job or looking for someone to hire ... our job board is the place for you.

Inflection point

This is where you will learn about up and coming technology that will change the way we work.

Assessment & checkup

Don't wait for an audit. Start looking for opportunities with our self-assessment.


Books, standards, tools, procedures, templates, all reviewed and rated by CMTaskware members.

Zip Planning Tools

Answer a few questions and CM Zip will create a CM Plan and Assessment tailored to your requirements.

One of the goals of CMTaskware.com is to offer a new type of tool, one that thinks for professionals and does most of the planning heavy lifting. More than 200 years of combined CM and DM experience are going into the design of these tools. A lot of work goes into planning and implementing CM properly. A CM Plan documents the CM Framework that an organization will use to implement CM on a particular program. To develop that framework requirements must be gathered from over fifty initiatives and standards, and then tailored to the organization’s environment and contracts. The task has become overwhelming. Our Zip planning tools will make the job fast and efficient. For example, in CM Zip you will answer a few questions and our tool will produce a CM Plan, procedures, checklist, compliance matrix, CM assessment guide, CDRLs, and much more, all tailored to your answers. We are in the early stages of development. If you would like to get your requirements into our tools join the Beta Program.

Management Responsibility

CM Planning Tool

A Configuration Manager is the single point of contact for all matters relating to CM on a program. With the current environment this job has become very complex and difficult. The typical CM Professional is expected to multitask a workload that in years past might have taken three people to accomplish. CM tools do a good job of vaulting data, facilitating the change process, and managing baselines and configurations. They do not help with the implementation planning task. That is why we are developing CM Zip. It will work much like a Tax preparation application you may have already used. Answer a few questions and Zip will analyze applicable requirements and create your tailored and fully compliant CM Plan and supporting output such as generic procedures and compliance matrix … in a matter of minutes.

Management Responsibility

TDM Planning Tool

The typical program today has hundreds of categories of CDRLs and thousands of deliverables that must be prepared, released, submitted, approved, and archived. DM Zip is a CDRL planning tool in the early stages of development. Like our other tools it is based on a short computer assisted interview which forms the basis for the planning output such as a Data Management plan. It’s not uncommon today for someone to get thrown into a job for which they have very little hands on experience. And they don’t have time to waste, there are daily tasks to perform, and management expects the job to get done efficiently. But where and how to start? The Zip tools are like having your own personal SME mentoring you with the most difficult task, planning and implementation of your processes.

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