New Technical Data Management Course & Cert

We have created a new TDM course and certification that covers today's environment.

The Technical Data Management process has been around for a long time. The Statement of Work (S.O.W.) is the tasking part of a contract. But if you want something delivered, especially when dealing with government acquisition, another part of the contract is used, the Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL). The major function of DM is scheduling the creation, release, submittal, review, and archiving of CDRL deliverables.

The organizational structure of DM has changed over the years. Originally a separate organization from CM, then placed under CM, and now many enterprises are once again creating a separate DM. The main reason for this is the military and government have recently gone from just a few dozen CDRLs on a typically contract to hundreds of CDRLs.

At CMTF we have offered DM courses for over 20 years. But now there is a dramatic increase in workload and importance being placed on DM professionals. And performing DM today entails understanding digital data and new technology. For this reason we have created a new TDM course and certification which we think you will find very useful.

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